Women of Color: A Fashion Editorial

A few months back, we worked on another project with model, Kimmie Grimes.  Afterwards, she approached us with an editorial concept, focused on the lack of diversity in runway, print, and other forms of fashion media.  When we met to discuss the idea, Sheena and I proposed a short documentary to get first person points of view, from the women who would be modeling.

Toshira Isley, Sree Sarkar, Jade Cueva, Kimmie Grimes, and Renee Sherwood, represented their individual looks and cultures, to show that diversity isn’t binary.  There’s a need for more plus-sized models, ethnicities, cultures, skin tones, etc.

Media and fashion should represent all women, as they are, and not prescribe to an antiquated idea of what or who they “should be”.  Taking a positive approach to the issue, these five women wanted to start (and continue) a discussion,  about bringing change to an industry dominated by a fairly singular look, for far too long.

Women of Color: A Fashion Editorial from Kurt Hilton on Vimeo.

We would like the thank The Dillon Raleigh in Raleigh, NC, for allowing us to shoot at their location.  Special thanks also goes to hair and makeup professional Jessica Vargas, who prepped all five models on a very aggressive timeline.



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