NC fitness model Casey Rogers

Boom Gear Fitness with Casey Rodgers

For those of you that visit the site from time to time, to check out a blog post, you’ll notice that I don’t do a lot of writing.  I don’t believe a photography site should force you to wade through a ton of storytelling, just to find what you came here for.  However, I want to highlight some people for their efforts in putting together this awesome fitness session.

First, Casey Rodgers was gracious enough to give us several hours of her time – posing, changing, lifting, and creating.  What a trooper, and great model to work with!  This mother of 3 works full time, and plans to compete in her first competition next month, at the 2017 NPC Charlotte Cup, put together by Johnny Stewart of Stewart Fitness.

NC Fitness model Casey Rogers

Find, and follow, Casey Rodgers on Instagram at Fox Iron Therapy (F.I.T.).  Casey is currently sponsored by Gold’s Gym of Lake Norman, Priester Chiropractic, and Boom Gear.

NC fitness model Casey Rogers

Before we get to the highlight reel, I want to thank Guy Simpson, Crystal Simpson, and Chris Roussell of Boom Gear, for setting up the shoot and getting us access to Crossfit Unite in Downtown Concord, NC.  Also, a special thanks to Zach Bedgood, who graciously stepped in and gave his time, spur of the moment, to help model Boom Gear’s line of clothing for men.

Boom Gear Fitness Apparel

Now, without further adieu, the highlights…


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